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Traditional Learning – Children are not pressured to study. Until the age of 12, they do not have to sit for any serious examination. The children of the country live the happiest lives. It is the responsibility of society and the state to ensure a happy life for children. What are we doing with primary education? The new government needs to think seriously about this. After Covid-19 every student has to choose Online Class. Some more terrible things are happening behind our success in education. It is a pleasure for any parent or guardian to pass the final exam of the child and move to the new class of the child. Proper mapping of educational institutions is required. Unplanned educational institutions are being formed all over the country. On the one hand, due to the lack of educational institutions as required, in some areas, children and secondary school students are not able to receive an education.

Importance of School and Advantages of Traditional Learning

However, In some parts of the country, parents are worried when they hear about their children passing out and moving to a new class. Because rising to a new class in these schools means pouring thousands of rupees for class change. There is no logical explanation as to why a student would be forced to pay so much in the name of an ‘admission fee’ to attend a new class in his school. And if you can’t pay this money, you can’t get free government books. As a result, the education of many indigent families is being threatened. But the government is giving free textbooks. On the other hand, quarrels are being created by setting up schools side by side. Student not available. The same should be taken into consideration in the establishment of private universities.

What is conventional education?

The pedagogical, traditional teaching or transmission model is the teaching method that observes education as an art and the teacher as the craftsman who creates the pieces, i.e. the students.

What are the benefits of traditional Learning?

Traditional Learning: The text and reference books are used to bring content that is easy to explain and use. Students interact with their peers and as a result, have similar experiences. The sequence of acquired knowledge is simple.

What is the traditional educational present?

It is a place where education is imparted to the child and where he is not given space for analysis or reflection, as well as new knowledge which helps him to visualize his reality better.

What are the examples of traditional Learning?

For example, this method is a way for children to Traditional Learning their mother tongue; Hearing, seeing, observing, and repeating many times; In this way, the child acquires the “cultural heritage of the society”, where the teacher is presented as an authority.

What are the advantages of education?

● Almost permanent separation of teacher and student. Emphasis on learning. Half virtuality.

● education is introductory.

● Take advantage of the dialogue.

● Teacher-student perspective.

● Attendance allows achievement.

● Immediate response.

● Facilitates extensive training.