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Early years of school are the most crucial ones, as they are the stepping stones for children into a well-shaped life. Importance of Early Childhood Education more about marks or report cards, children learn beyond text books, they learn to learn new things every day, explore their inner self in competence with the outer world. Surely role of a parent is important but a school plays a pivotal role in the life of a child to help them nurture and blossom. 

Importance of Early Childhood Education – Top CBSE School in Jaipur

Universe Sansthan School, believes in overall development of your child, emphasis is on making them self-efficient so that they can make their own decisions and face future challenges fearlessly. Importance of early childhood education and Selecting a good school for your child is tedious yet an important task. Here at our Universe, we impart knowledge on real life moral and ethical values along with well structured academic curriculum. How we provide is more important than what we provide. Keeping this mind there are many aspects to look at, that may help your child succeed best in school. 

1. Well structured curriculum: 

There are different ways of teaching, most effective being the one where teacher-student communication is maximum. Syllabus when taught using real life examples or situations usually are memorised for longer periods. Teaching methodologies are well planned to deliver maximum knowledge to the learners. Syllabus is structured based on CBSE and RBSE curriculums respectively. 

2. Regular parent teacher meet-ups

Taking regular feedback of your child helps to know her weak areas where he/she needs extra help. Such meetings are regular by the school to keep parents updated of their child’s performance. Ofcourse grades are important but the process of obtaining grades is more of import. Generally, parents and school forget to notice what is being learnt and emphasize more on grades which is big loophole in overall development of a child. We believe empowering children with useful knowledge make them more successful in life. 

3. Teach them how to set goals

Importance of early childhood education to teach children how to set targets and goals in their life is one step closer at getting good results. Without any set target or goal in a child’s life, process of learning becomes redundant. 

4. Balance between sports and studies

For overall physical, mental, psychological and emotional growth & development of a child, sports are equally important as studies. We try to create a balance between both the aspects for a better learning experience. Sports is not only good for physical health, it helps in teaching one of a major value of life i.e., sportsman spirit. It teaches them to believe in themselves and not to give up under any circumstances. Such values help them to have a better perspective in life. A strong will and determination can make everything better. 

5. Modern technology and traditional schooling

Universe Sansthan School, as an organization, believes in a blend of modern and traditional schooling techniques. New teaching methodologies combined with traditional learning is by far the most effective way of teaching. 

Best Ways to Help your Child Succeed in Universe Sansthan 

It is miraculously intriguing how a little guidance can shift a child’s entire mindset. They become more confident about themselves when pushed out of the box, encouraged to grow beyond what they think their boundaries are. Our little efforts can shape anybody’s future and entire life. Universe Sansthan School is one of the best CBSE and RBSE school in Jaipur. We aspire and inspire to bring change in somebody’s life. We provide best of the facilities and faculties for an impactful learning experience.