Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur | School Hostel in Jaipur

Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur: Being a hosteler is not that easy, Hostel life can be easy and tough too. Staying away from our family and friends and setting up amongst new people is difficult. Hence, the Universe Sansthan the Best CBSE School in Rajasthan provides students with the Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur and School Hostel in Jaipur.

Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur | School Hostel in Jaipur| Best Boarding School in Jaipur

The school truly focuses on the complete development of every student physically, academically, Emotionally, and Socially. Hence this seems in the list of Universe Public School and Universe Girls College where both the boys and girls are educated students that are taught to be inquirers, thinkers, open-minded, well-balanced, principled, knowledgeable, caring, and good communicators. The Universe Public School stands to provide a mixture of curricular and classroom activities. The school keeps in mind the safety and security of boys and girls and thus offers the Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur, School Hostel in Jaipur, and top sports schools in Rajasthan.

The school believes in the overall development of their students thus they try to save every detail and provides the student with all the facilities. The campus encourages activity-based learning and thus tries to motivate the students to always go for the right things in their way and encourage them by teaching them the ethics and moral values for becoming a good person by heart. We always ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the Canteen of the campus. The campus is very large and has covered a wide range of areas apart from that the school provides a good facility of eating and living and even taking care of them when the student is not well. Thus it provides the student with the Best School Hostel Facilities in Jaipur for students and School Hostel in Jaipur.

The circular activities play an important part in educational modules and thus there are various Intra Class, Inter-house competitions that build the self-confidence of the student and guarantee them to guarantee to build a competitive moral value to their classes. Apart from being the best and wisest school, it is also the Best Sports School in Jaipur. The student over here plays and participated in the various type of sport that brings a sense of confidence in them. For any inquiry visit  Best CBSE School in Jaipur.

For children’s future parents take a hard step by sending them into the hostel but the most important thing is to find the best hotel to own children. When children step out from home and live in a new world known as Hostel where students from different backgrounds and several places come with a different dream. Universe Sansthan is the Best RBSE & Best CBSE School in Rajasthan that provides the Best School Hostel Facility in Jaipur. There are several kinds of accommodation services we offer to our students inside the hostel include:

Hostel Mess

Hostel in Jaipur for students, we always provide hygienic and good quality food to our students. The hostel mess provides all the nutrition and food necessary for the children. They served the best quality and only vegetarian food along with fruits and diet. The menu is changed every day to offer wholesome and variety of food.

Multi-purpose Hall

The hostel consists of a very large and airy hall that we used for several purposes such as to perform various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We offer the Best Hostel Facility in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and offer for college and school Hostel. There are a separate prayer hall and dining hall. We know that India is a nation of different languages, music, religions, architecture, culture, customs, and food that varies from state to state within the nation. We have a unique culture so we celebrate every Indian festival in an informative and cultural way.


The Kitchen area of Universe Sansthan is modern, well furnished with various ways of cookery awash with various latest cooking gadgets. We always follow the standards of cleanliness.

Medical facilities

For us, the health of children is very important. So, we provide various medical facilities. We have a well-equipped dispensary inside the hospital. In a very short time interval, we conduct various medical tests such as Dental, E.N.T., and Eye by the specialist.

Sick Ward Pantry

In our hospital, we provide the Sick ward Pantry that prepares food as per the doctor’s prescription for children not to have good health.

Other in-house facilities

To our students, we provide general stores that consist of every daily use item, such as pencils, pins, buckets, and bags, as required by the children.

We have a separate library cum reading room with a wide range of general knowledge, fiction books, and other important reading material. We provide the Best Hostel Facility in Jaipur and  School Hostel in Jaipur or Best CBSE School in Rajasthan. College Hostel in Jaipur