Principal’s message, Meenawala Branch(School in Sirsi Road, Jaipur):

It is rightly said that the destiny of nation is shaped in classrooms. School is that platform where knowledge is imbided, attitude is nourished, personality is enhanced and versatility is enriched.

The purpose of Universe Sansthan (Meenawala Branch: School in Sirsi Road, Jaipur) is to bring up their students with the acknowledgement of their duties towards their fellow beings, to the society, to the nation and more over to self.

It gives me immense pleasure when I realize that I am the part of this Sansthan. Sansthan believes in “light to enlighten” and also believes in the words of Albert Einstein that “Curiosity is a delicate little plant that, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom.”

Miss Kavita


Universe Public Sr. Sec. School

School in Sirsi Road, Meenawala, Jaipur