Best School Games In India, Best Sports School in Jaipur Rajasthan

Best School Games In India, Best CBSE School in Jaipur: At Universe Sansthan, we encourage and advertise a wide range of sports activities. We allotted 6-7 periods a week for physical education and other club activities. In-Universe Sansthan extracurricular activities are the necessary part of the school for a balanced, well- rounded and quality education. Sports activities are a very essential part of the children’s school life because they make them strong physically as well as mentally. They help them to increase social skills, productivity, teamwork, imagination and stress relief. These extracurricular activities build creativity, leadership, coordination or motor skills, active listening, physical stamina and logical thinking in our student’s mind.

Best School Games In India

Sports clubs at Greenwood High include:

  • Skating
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Aerobics
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics
  • VolleyBall
  • Cricket
  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Chess

We always help our children to use and understand several techniques that inspire any inspiration or creativity thoughts that encourage students to them out of the box. We always push our children’s towards a brighter and better future. We guide our students through evaluating, elaborating, analyzing and refining their own thoughts by giving creative efforts. After that we implement those ideas or convert their vision into reality is the first responsibilities that we executed by the help of our professional trainer. Universe Sansthan is one of the Best School Games in India. To our students we increase moral values in terms of both failure and success and teach them failure is a lesson to learn and it helps to open doors to other theories and concepts that we never thought.

Universe Sansthan has a large green, eco-friendly and sprawling campus consisting of an outdoor building or enclosure for entertainment or sports and also KG activity center for primary children. Our campus is totally safe for students with large CCTV cameras installed around the whole campus. We provide our children with smart digital classes, modern cafeteria, language lab, math lab, and integrated science lab. For more details and latest updates visit

We believe that in India, every child has the right to an education that helps them to enhance their knowledge in every field. Our team of faculties’ member is a very professional with a large year of experience and they have best teaching skills including innovation and creativity, collaboration and communication, through problem-solving and critical thinking techniques that help students to learn in the correct way.

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