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The Universe college has a well-developed playground behind the main building. Sports events are standardized from time to time under the supervision of sports specialists. Sports teams of the college have described it in several sporting events held at university and state levels. Colleges or schools have brought a new era in the field of sports in our college. The sports committee was organized at the very beginning of the session. Under this committee, the seeds were sown for the upliftment of the standards of the sport at Universe Sansthan. If you are looking for the best Rajasthan scout & guide training in Jaipur and sports college in Rajasthan and also Best NCC College in Jaipur.

Best NCC College in Jaipur, Best Scout College in Jaipur | UPS

National Cadet Corps (NCC) work goes on under our eligible and hardworking officers. Best scout college in Jaipur, There is a separate room provided by the Universe College. The school and college opened after summer vacation and the National Cadet Corps of independent India was inaugurated on 15 July 1948 the journey of this Indian new generation’s organization, which has now become the biggest uniformed youth organization in the world has begun. The National Cadet Corps which has now13 lakh cadet on its roll has started with 20,000 cadets in 1948. National Service Scheme working for poor and rural Indian People through the volunteer programs conducted by the officer’s help.

CBSE School in Rajasthan, Benefits of Best NCC College in Jaipur

In my blog, I have to tell about the National Cadet Corps or NCC, that what are NCC and who and how a student can join the National Cadet Corps. In this blog, I am sharing with you the advantages of joining NCC.

  • NCC is a huge reputed body which is also a second line of defence. In India, many youngsters are trained in line with defence in case the need derives. If young students want to prepare it for their career option, then being a National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadet holds a lot of weight. As they are straightway associated with the ministry of defence.
  • Other than just military training the cadets also learn various other valuable things such as hard work, honesty, discipline, selflessness, and various ways to develop confidence and increase leadership qualities.
  • Since National Cadet Crops camps are held all over India, therefore, there is training in a different part of the country, hence students get a lucky chance of visit new places and learn the art of independence. They are mandatory to use their social skills and their senses to get to know new places and accommodate to the varying environment. Other than just social skills they also get to learn about the antiquity and art of the new place.
  • National Cadet Corps colleges, NCC cadets learn to take pride in them and the training also strengthens the spirit of being an Indian. This helps them regulate towards joining the forces and providing their 100% when the country is in the necessity of them.

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