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An Education can only be successful with a good teacher. Teaching is a multifaceted profession that requires teachers to fulfill many different roles.  Teaching is a profession that requires patience, creative thinking, and a strong desire to help students succeed. Apart from all these roles there are  many different Role of a good teacher.

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A good teacher is patient with his or her students

The most important role of a good teacher- Is to make your behavior toward your student(s) should always remain calm. In addition to demonstrating confidence and trust in yourself, it shows your ability to teach others. The best way to teach children is to make them feel comfortable around you. Avoid getting frustrate or angry during the lesson. Make sure that the classroom atmosphere is relaxing and fun for all participants. Creating such an environment will allow everyone to learn new things in a safe environment.
Moreover, answers to questions should be process by children before they are answered. Let them think about their answers for a while before answering. Tests requiring long-term thinking skills are incredibly challenging. It is more likely that you will get good results from students if you are patient with them.

A good teacher sets an example for his or her students

Positive examples set by good teachers for their students. To be a good teacher, you must set a positive example for your students. Because children tend to imitate what they see in other people. And by setting an example in the classroom, students will follow it in school and adulthood. Furthermore, teachers are not only responsible for imparting knowledge to their students, but also for shaping their futures.
Assist them in finding the right career path and prepare them for life after college by providing a good foundation.

A good teacher is a motivator

Students gets motivate by good teachers, who encourage them to do their best. For your students to achieve great things in the future, you must motivate them to learn. The goal is to develop critical and creative thinkers in young minds. As a result, we need training in addition to education. Children shouldn’t be robots or machines; they should be able to adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in.
A good teacher always tries to restore motivation to students when they lose it. By using positive reinforcement and encouragement, this can be accomplished most effectively.

A good teacher is a facilitator

Teaching methods and materials provided by a good teacher facilitate learning. Whenever their students need help, they are always ready to help. To develop critical thinking skills, the best teachers encourage student participation. Constructive criticism should also be provided by teachers when necessary. Rather than being afraid of making mistakes in the future, students will learn from their mistakes. In addition to helping with homework, good teachers also assist with other assignments as often as possible.

A good teacher is a listener

A good teacher listens well. For students to learn effectively, teachers must pay attention to their needs. It is not enough to lecture or tell students what to do; they also need guidance.
Questions about a student’s life and interests show interest in their lives. To improve their lessons, teachers should also listen carefully to their students. If it seems like individual students would benefit more from this listening, it may even involve having conversations with them. Good teachers take the initiative when needed because they know the best way to learn is through hands-on activities, not sitting at a desk all day.

A good teacher is a leader

Many responsibilities come with being a teacher. In fact, teachers are leaders in the classroom, even though they hold the title of teacher. In addition to educating their students, they are also responsible for their well-being. As role models, teachers must inspire their students to succeed by setting an example. Bullying and drug abuse are essential topics that good teachers can discuss with their students.
Successful teachers are not only good at teaching, but also at motivating and inspiring their students.

As well as having strong communication skills, effective teachers can convey information to students and parents clearly and concisely.

A Good Teacher is an Evaluator

A Students’ progress must evaluate by teachers to help them improve. Assessment of mastery of specific subjects should done by teachers using tests. Educators must also understand how to differentiate instruction according to the needs of individual students. In addition, a good teacher will collaborate with the school administration on ways to measure academic growth. Children learn at different paces or have different learning disabilities, which is especially important. A teacher must know what it takes to ensure academic success for all students.

How does a teacher influence a student’s life?

Students’ lives is greatly influence by their teachers. The teacher is responsible for inspiring students to strive for greatness and bring out their best. Students represent the future of the nation and humankind, and a teacher is consider as a credible guide. The role of a teacher goes beyond guiding students academically or in extracurricular activities. It is their responsibility also to help shape students’ futures, making them better human beings in the process. Students learn knowledge, good values, traditions, and ways to deal with modern-day challenges from a teacher. And it will benefit from a good teacher. And they can be motivated and more valuable in their lives if their teachers are present in their lives. Teachers must possess certain qualities to perform this task perfectly –

Problem Solver

As each student’s pace and learning speed varies, it is very important to understand each student, their talents, skills, and memory  guide to their fullest potential. To help students overcome their challenges, a teacher must possess problem-solving skills. Moreover a teacher must be impartial, treating all students equally.

So these are some of the top Role of a good teacher in Student’s life.

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